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Social Accountability Requirements of Shakarganj

Shakarganj Mills Limited obtained the SA-8000 certification in 2005. This certification covers procedure for child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination disciplinary practices, and compensations.
The management at Shakarganj has a focused approach on employees’ health, safety and environment. Shakarganj is a well reputed brand within Pakistan and abroad where employees are engaged in creating superior value for customers and shareholders, without compromising on the company’s commitment to safety, health, environment and communities in which it operates.

Health and Safety Criteria

The company keeps in mind the industry EHS practices and specific hazards to provide a safe and healthy working environment. It takes adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury arising out of, associated with or occurring during work by minimising hazards inherent in the work environment.
The company has appointed a senior management representative responsible for the health and safety of all personnel, and accountable for the implementation of health and safety elements of this standard
The company ensures that all personnel receive regular and recorded health and safety training, and this training is repeated for new and reassigned personnel
The company has set up systems to detect, avoid and respond to potential threats to the health and safety of all personnel
Shakarganj provides all its personnel clean bathrooms, access to potable water and sanitary facilities for food storage.
The company assures that dormitory facilities are clean, safe and meet the basic needs of the personnel.

Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

As a leading manufacturer of sugar and sugar by-products, Shakarganj ensures that all its operations continuously improve the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance by conserving natural resources, preventing pollution and providing safe workplace and products.
It ensure that the facilities and products meet or exceed applicable government requirements
Uses a life cycle approach in its efforts to minimise the EHS impact of its products and services right from the extraction of raw materials till the end product.
Educate, motivate and engage Shakarganj employees to contribute to its EHS commitment and to comply with this policy.
Encourage contractors, suppliers and consultants to adhere to the same standards as the company does.
Openly communicate its EHS performance and participate in external initiatives that improve Shakarganj’s knowledge and performance.
Ensures prompt reporting of any incidents, adequate monitoring and measurement of its EHS performance and regularly provide assurance that its processes and management systems are working effectively.

Community Service in the Agriculture Sector

Shakarganj is deeply involved in community service in the agriculture sector. Farmers are taught methods to increase efficiency in agriculture production and crop protection.